You have reached the homepage of Sean Sutton. I am a freelance Flash & Web developer based in the South West of England. Professionally speaking, my skillset in the workplace breaks down as follows:


  • Strict OOP approach. Experienced with PureMVC.
  • Experienced with memory management, XML, MVC design, PDF, and ByteArrays.
  • Growing experience with animation-heavy Flash Games and applications.


  • HTML & Web. A portfolio of sites, some built using the Drupal and eDirectory framework. Good CSS. Some JavaScript and server related skills.
  • Intermediary skills with PHP – including AmfPHP. Growing understanding of security and optimisation in this field.
  • MySQL – facilitating interaction between web applications and product databases. I am comfortable writing basic schemas and administering databases.


  • Visualisation – good level of understanding with Photoshop. Good standard of hand drawing skills, story-boarding, articulating designs and workflows.
  • Portfolio of logos designed for an eclectic group of clients.